Offline Programming, Measurement and Inspection

ScanPLACE provides a sophisticated and user-friendly alternative to complex CAM software packages and inaccurate, time consuming manual inspection and programming methods that cost assembly houses productivity, time and money.
Designed to increase PCB assembly productivity, ScanPLACE is a fully integrated, off-line programming, inspection and measurement workstation.

✔ Flexible: Use one workstation to produce assembly files for multi-vendor Surface Mount, Insertion, Test, Inspection and Dispensing machines. 
 Powerful: Use one workstation to inspect stencils, screens and bare or loaded boards. 
Accurate: Find and eliminate errors with Loaded PCBs, Wet Solder Paste, Glue, etc. 
Fast: Decrease programming time from days to hours. 
Easy: Windows-based system

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Product Functions


Using a calibrated, high-resolution, color imaging system, ScanPLACE produces assembly programs and process documentation for Surface Mount, Insertion, Test, Inspection and Dispensing machines

brightness_autoInbound Board and Stencil Inspection

ScanPLACE increases production efficiency by using off-line comparison of actual PCBs and Stencils against Gerber files and/or a “golden board.” Pre-production check verifies revisions against each other before the first production run. Eliminate surprises.

verified_userBuild Component Libraries

Scan a component to automatically calculate and register information such as Lead Pitch, Lead Size, Body Size, Lead Groups and Pick Up Location.

printOffline Inspection and Measurement

ScanPLACE uses a combination of editing functions to ensure that all information has been inserted correctly. This off-line verification significantly reduces first article setup time. 

verified_userFirst Article Inspection

ScanPLACE increases productivity with the ability to scan the first article and compare it to the CAD data.

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Product Features

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Automatic Functions

• Surface Mount Pad Recognition 
• Insertion Hole Recognition 
• Automatic Text Function 
• Auto Load Gerber

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• Auto-find Function Locates Components and Related Centroids 
• Global / Circuit / Local Fiducials 
• Automatic Generation of Adhesive Dot Centroids 
• Component Database 
• Editor Accuracy: 0.0001” (0.00254 mm)

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• "Jump-To" Component 
• "Jump-To" Reference Designator 
• Programming Environment Editor 
• Assembly File Editor 
• Gerber Editor 
• Scan and Compare Multiple Board Revisions 

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